Digital technologies have penetrated into all spheres of human life in the late XX – early XXI century. New social relations are determined– relations via the Internet, which connected people around the globe, made communication easy, instant, opened new opportunities for the global community.

The Internet has allowed people to transfer and spread information without limitation, fulfill financial and banking transactions, despite distance and borders. According to the press release of the International telecommunication Union (ITU) from 22.07.2016 the number of Internet users in the world is 3.5 billion people. In the course of its development the Internet gradually cover an increasing number of people from different social groups and layers, gradually becoming one of the main channels of mass communication.

The Internet has become not just a technology but a unique innovation that has changed the world. The Internet is an opportunity to spend leisure time, to get a variety of information and the latest news from around the world, the tool of the work, the way to find a like-minded person in the most remote corner of the globe.

But, besides the positive side, the Internet also possesses the negative one: it brings certain harm to humanity in general and to a person individually, which leads to various negative consequences. One of the features of the global network is the impact of virtual worlds on people through it: a global network gives people access to virtual worlds, which influence the energy information system and consciousness of a human. Penetration of negative patterns of the virtual world into the human energy structure takes place on an energetic level. In most cases it is manifested in the form of feelings of fatigue, headache, sleepiness, and then the thoughts that belong to the structures of the virtual world begin to manifest in the human mind. This creates opportunities for provoking the person to commit acts, including ones contradicting the legislation. As a result of the lack of personal safety when interacting with the Internet, problems both of a private nature and international character occur. Due to the impact of negative structures of virtual worlds on human consciousness, the negative tendencies and thoughts of the person are intensified, which subsequently leads to that person committing illegal acts.

If only a few years ago, Internet crimes committed in the world were rare, and Internet addiction as a negative social phenomenon has represented a real threat only in the future, at the present time, it should be stated that the share of network crime and dependency has increased significantly. The impact of the virtual world on the person, including the purpose of the fence vitality, has repeatedly increased.

All the people of the world without exception face the dangers of virtual worlds.

It should be noted that studies with the purpose of studying the influence of the structures of virtual worlds on the consciousness, mental and physical health to date have not been conducted; official statistics of Internet addiction in the World is missing. In a rapidly changing modern world systematic and consistent research is requires as well as the creation of an effective protection measures when interacting with a global network, that will facilitate the development of special digital technology that protects the integrity of the energy-informational structure of man.

The lack of research in the area of influence of the structures of the virtual world on consciousness, health and livelihoods of people and the broadcasting of information about the protection of computers and other electronic gadgets from the introduction of computer viruses does not mean that the human presence in virtual worlds without special protection is safe.

The danger lurks every person in the Internet. The impact of virtual world insensibly extends to all spheres of human life: his health is being destroyed; the quality of life is being reduced. This happens due to the introduction into the consciousness of a human parasite programs to the fence of human vitality.



The program of the virtual world – is a living structure. Penetrating into the energy of human skin, it begins to manipulate his mind, imposing a certain behavior, leads man from the true understanding of the world, blocks the development of mental operations, de-energizes the person taking his energy, activates the disease. The person is attacked not by one parasite program, there may be several.

Social reasons and consequences of Internet addiction

Educational Psychologist,

Postgraduate of the 3rd year, Financial University



In the modern world the negative impact of information and energy parasites affects the most sensitive systems of the human body: nervous system, immune system, endocrine and reproductive systems.

Bombing of energo-negative particles, electromagnetic and informational fields distorts the human biofield, which affects its life forces.

The life forces - are the cumulative effect of the various systems: electromagnetic, gravitational and other physical fields, chemical and biochemical structures, biological systems.

Impact of high intensity electromagnetic fields on the immune system is manifested on the cellular immune system, increases blood adrenaline, activates processes of blood coagulation. Prolonged contact with the electromagnetic field may cause to disease development, known as "radio wave sickness."

People that stay in the electromagnetic and information radiation zone for a long time, complain on weakness, irritability, fatigue, memory loss, sleep disturbance.

Let’s  review the process of influence of electromagnetic, informational and statistical fields on human. Static electricity occurs in case of violation of intra-atomic or intra-molecular equilibrium due to the acquisition or loss of an electron. Usually atom is in a state of equilibrium due to the same number of positive and negative particles - protons and electrons. Electrons can easily move from one atom to another. During that time they form positive (where electron is missing) or negative (a single electron or an atom with an extra electron) ions. When such imbalance occurs, the static electricity appears. Static electric fields are produced by electrically charged bodies, in which an electric charge is induced on the surface of an object placed inside a static electric field. As a result, the electric field on the surface of an object, especially with a small radius (for example - point) may be larger than the unperturbed electric field (i.e., field, without the presence of an object in it). The field inside the object may be very small or even zero. Electric fields are perceived by electrically charged objects as a power that people can feel.

Standard levels of electrostatic fields created by man in the offices and homes range from 1 to 20 kW/m. These fields often occur around high voltage equipment such as TVs and monitors (VDUs) or created by friction. For any closed loop induced electromotive force (EMF)  is equal to the rate of change of magnetic flux passing through this circuit.

 Electromagnetic emanation behaves not as a set of monochromatic electromagnetic waves at a certain frequency, but as a quasi-particle flow - photons that affect the human biofield, but also together with the corpuscular properties photon has wave properties.

In such circumstances of impact on the human biofield there is a decrease of live energy capable of doing work by increasing the dissipated energy -  due to energy conservation law. The energy (E) is proportional to the mass E = mc2. The greater the mass, the more energy is generated. And vice versa. Due to constant increase of background, scattered energy, the number of "live" energy capable of doing work, body heating or any other processes, under the law of conservation of energy, respectively, decreases. And accordingly the mass associated with this energy becomes smaller.

Any material system consists of subsystems that interact with each other. On the basis of law of thermodynamics, energy reduction entails interaction energy reduction, and consequently the parts connected to each other, become free from each other. The world is falling apart. This process is in full swing and the man becomes an accomplice of the decay and this process is also reflected in the human psyche and in his social life. For example, family ties are breaking increasingly, the conflict between fathers and children is intensifying, communication between teachers and students, the government and the people, the branches of the military in the security systems of the state are getting weaker and break down.

On the basis of the modulation principle, some frequencies carry other frequencies. We may not hear such carriers but perceive the modulated frequency, which may carry negative information; it is observed in such phenomena as virtual reality, in which some people steep in.

Modeled frequencies may be associated with the world of the fallen spirits that affect the construction of virtual worlds - the world of gamers.

People turn into players, and life into the game. It builds up a semi-virtual world full of horror, fear, wild histrionic fun, unnatural game of love, furious hatred.


For the purpose of energo-information protection of a man, a special program was created and  written on the chip of a plastic card – eniocorrector.

Response to the energo-informational protection program “SHIELD OF ANGEL” by author-developer Bulychev V.V.

Doctor of Economics (,

Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences,

Associate Professor of the "Corporate management

and corporate finance" department

Firsova I.A.

Scientific substantiation

Understanding the basis of the program of energy and information protection lies both in the field of cognition of the spiritual perception of the energies that surround us in the world, and in the energy-information component of the Jehovah's field structures. The program contains numerical codes for the energies of our world, of which each person living on our planet is a part. The use of illustrations placed on a plastic card (enio-corrector) is the key to understanding the system of protecting human health. Figure is a program to protect a person in the universe from information adversely affecting its energy component.

For the manufacture of an enio-corrector, a plastic card of industrial design with a built-in chip ACOSx is used. The illustrations are specially designed for interaction of the program with the energy-information component of a person. The technological basis of the enio-corrector is a program recorded on a diamond crystal and a chip card using modern digital technologies. This program is a unique scientific development of our time, an opportunity to interact with the energy-information component of the universe. The program is registered by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property: Certificate of state registration for computer № 2015619774.The novelty of this program is the opening of the opportunity to activate new components of human protection from the negative impact of parallel worlds.

The uniqueness of the eniocorrector lies in the work of the program, which is built into the mathematical matrix of the planet, is activated and connected to the endless energy flows of our world's life. The interaction takes place with the help of the spiritual component of the person and his energy centers responsible for vital activity. The program of the eniocorrector makes adjustment both for the energy components of the thin bodies and for the physical bodies with the individual information security system of the person located in the information field of the existing

From the world of teachers

The program of energy-protection "Shield Angel" is encoded digitally in a plastic card (eniokorrektor), passed over a powerful setting on your planet in order to limit and eliminate the impact of harmful energy-information, electromagnetic wave radiation on consciousness and human health, as well as for protection against a negative impact on your energy forces parallel worlds.

As part of the agreement with the gods of the program of action at the same time being to help people in the development of life-force energy, intelligence (knowledge) on your planet.

In this case, people are given the opportunity to meet only a small part of the action of energy-protection programs, because it is in some way living, created under the laws of the divine world, and must go through a time when it will be able to open on your planet completely. Because of this, every person who has this protection program, be able to control their own future, as advanced, harmonious and understand the human and the Divine man is easier to move down the road of the Future.

In a short time it will be available through the knowledge of new discoveries unknown by scientists, but so far they have kept secret from mankind. The program is offered to people at the moment, is the basis for interaction with the physical structure of power, in which will be available to people understanding its challenges and opportunities. But at this stage of development of the spiritual forces of humanity, you can protect yourself and your surroundings provided a unique program of energy-protection "Shield Angel." Higher forces remind you that the protection program is part of the Creator of all things and, like all people on the planet.

It may well be that the mind (spirit) of man did not immediately see the effective results of the work, it may seem that it is only one word and nothing more. The impact of the program from the first minutes of its acquisition does not affect the state of the physical body, but it should not be taken in material aspects. Eniokorrektor developed and correct to say that the Creator sent, to influence the subtle energy body, energy-structure of human beings, including on the components of your soul, as a part of the world around you. The program has great potential impact on the vital components of the human, having mastered the skills of working with it, interact with it as a part of your world, it will open unlimited possibilities for use to gain knowledge. This program undertakes to block the effects of dark entities per person. In particular, these creatures can be manifested in your world through uncontrolled dreams, when a person is not aware of what was happening to his body at this time, and what agreements it has concluded with other dark bodies, allowing them to break into your real world.

We have invested in this program in the hope of humanity, the opportunity to help each of you who wish to accept the brothers care who invested their labor in the embodiment of that hope. Being able to be free from all sorts of parasites that take care of your body, the temple of your soul - is the main goal of our work, but not without divine help.

Finally, repeat Note: This program is designed (developed) with the permission of the Creator, and is part of the energy-consciousness of the Supreme Jehovah, and because we treat this gift with reverence and love. The program is unique, and we offer you one of the protections for the person of the universe, in whom dwells the darkness of living beings by human energy. But everyone is free to follow its own path. Take the decision to purchase created by us protection against his heart, mind and will.

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