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Challenges and opportunities enio korrektora:

to protect people from exposure to electromagnetic radiation coming from the electronic information devices that people use every day;

• blocks attacks on the physiological functions of the body and a person's energy through the Internet;

• Blocking immersion of human consciousness in the virtual world without his will;

• supports the immune system of the person responsible for health and functional condition of the body and mind;

• eliminates the negative impact of extraterrestrial beings to plan psychological components of human consciousness;

• activates the human energy centers that are responsible for emotional states;

• eliminates the negative component of the information that is in the human energy field and in the immediate vicinity (the average distance - 15 m);

• restores the polarity of the subtle bodies and organs of the physical body;

• enhances the life potential;

• restores the human biofield;

• activates the brain activity;

• contributes to the development of intelligence;

• eliminates the virtual dependence;

• restores functional systems, organs and vital functions of the body;

• helps to develop the divine knowledge, embodied in the person;

• promotes well-being in life;

• helps to cleanse the blood of energy parasites;

• protects the people close to you, in close proximity to you;

• charges the structure of water in accordance with your individual needs the power system,

• It is a talisman against the negative effects of low-frequency entities;

• allows the awakening power of love of the Creator

In addition to meditation

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