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 PhD in Traditional Medicine, Parapsychologist, Healer.

Experience of professional activity over 26 years.

 Author of the book "Homecoming" ("Places of Power") and a number of scientific articles.

 Author-developer of the eniocorrector with the energy-information program "Angel's Shield".

 Author of a series of paintings-portals "Worlds of Spiritual Development". Field of activity:

• work with the causes and effects of life situations, various problems, addictions (gambling addiction, drug addiction, food addiction), psychological trauma (stuttering, fears, phobias);

• cleansing the generic structures of a person from negative programs, blockages from all incarnations of the soul;

• solving issues in various spheres of life;

• elimination of negative programs from the stars of the natal chart;

• elimination of negative experience from the labyrinths of life, influencing the life path according to the law of the Universe;

• initiation into new energies of divine power;

• consulting;

• teaching new, unique spiritual techniques and practices (individual and in groups)

Bulychev V.V. Return Home /

V.V.Bulychev - Orel: S.V. Zenina, 2011 .-- 96 p. :

silt ISBN 978-5-902802-71-6

We are approaching great changes in the Soul and the surrounding World in which we live. All beings of the Universe, together with the Creator, help us in this. The dolmens' spirits call: try to hear yourself and understand who you are, why you came to this World. And they explain what needs to be done so that the world in which we live becomes beautiful, like our soul and body. The book tells about dolmens, about working in places of power, esoteric tourism and spiritual development. The material was obtained by auto-writing and direct communication with the Subtle World, therefore it may be of interest to those who are looking for their own path of spiritual development. Methods of interaction and work with the Subtle World are described, information about the history and development of this world is given. For a wide range of readers.

BBK 40 B

UDC 130.1 + 130.3

BBK 86.4 B90

In accordance with the law of the Universe, the use of spiritual methods, in addition to the method of dissolving in the Love of the Creator, is recommended from the age of 21. Bulychev V.V.


Sacred knowledge of heaven. Methods of spiritual development of the New Time / V.V.Bulychev. - M.: New format, 2021 .-- 245 p. : ill. - ISBN 978-5-91556-721-3.

The purpose of this book is to help the children of the Creator to walk the path of awakening spirit and soul, to gain true knowledge and their true life path. The book begins with appeals to the readers of the author and the Light Forces of the Universe: the spirits of the dolmens of the Krasnodar Territory and the gods of Light. The book consists of two parts, which reveal sacred knowledge. The first part presents the methods of spiritual development, discovered by the Creator with the advent of the New Age. Each of them solves specific problems and gives strength to life, increasing its duration, helps to eliminate karmic problems in all spheres of life. The basic technique for starting spiritual practice and personal growth is the technique of dissolving in the Love of the Creator. Practice-oriented methods constitute a single system of spiritual development, their study and application is assumed in the sequence defined in this book. Illustrations of the book help to better perceive information and visualization, and illustrations-portals immerse in the reality of dimensions of other worlds. The second part of the book tells about modern energy-information technologies that help maintain health, receive protection from electromagnetic radiation and the negative effects of the world. One of these technologies is the Angel Shield program, based on the divine energies of the Creator's Love for people. The book is addressed to everyone who is engaged in healing practices, is interested in self-development and self-education, looking for their true spiritual path and divine Knowledge; all going in the divine way.

UDC 130.1 + 130.3 BBK 86.4 ISBN 978-5-91556-721-3

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without the written permission of the author. © Bulychev V.V., 2021

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