Harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation destroys human health and threatens the lives of people on the planet.
In each family, in every apartment or office, electromagnetic waves emanate from operating computer monitors, laptop screens, televisions, tablets and smartphones. Invisible electromagnetic radiation accumulates in the body and causes various diseases, exacerbating existing health problems. The population of the Earth, and especially children, are unprotected from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.
The scientifically developed energy information program "Angel Shield" is designed to protect people's life and health, their adaptation to the aggressively increasing impact of electromagnetic radiation
Health - the basis of life

The quantum transition of 2012 activated the fluxes of high-frequency photon energy, which penetrate the Earth and transfer humanity to a higher level of consciousness.

The obtained opportunity - to combine the Divine with scientific discoveries, gives mankind great hopes for his happy life on the planet, to be healthy, protected from all sorts of influences - both of other people, and of energy parasites on the physical and information plans.
New developments of scientists, coming from the consciousness of the Creator, made discoveries in the field of information medicine. They enable a person to do without imposed medications, destroying his organs.

New discoveries in the mathematical matrix of the world have great opportunities to restore and maintain the physical component of man. Combining with the energy component of herbs and other elements that make up the human blood, made it possible without harm to health, restore your body.
Newly discovered opportunities for energy interaction in the information fields of the planet made it possible to develop an impact program for humans. On its basis, a purely medical direction was created to help people.

The inclusion of the program in the matrix of the planet made it possible to more effectively help people in the main spheres of life. The new development is not capable of causing any harm, since it was created in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.
The program of self-adjustment is placed in the eniocorrector by means of a mental reference to the Creator. It promotes the development and awakening of its divine abilities, including for maintaining and restoring health, adjusting the way of life.

By influencing DNA, the enio-corrector increases a person's energy potential, thereby prolonging his life. As a result, there is time to implement any ideas.
Hence, it becomes possible to follow one's purpose, understanding, for which everyone manifested on this planet and lives in this or that place. In the future, this will lead to harmony of the inner world of man and the environment. The program, embedded in jewelry, carries the parameters of the eniocorrector and automatically changes its energy structure with the arrival of new energies on our planet.

By purchasing a card, you get independence from the impact on you and your subconscious of all sorts of energy-information carriers, which each time becomes much more than in previous years.
At the heart of our world is the mathematical program of the matrix. This allows the device to influence you anywhere in the world, and its action does not depend on your geographic location.

The program was developed by a research team with access to energy and information fields. The unique opportunities that the program offers to mankind have no analogues in the world.

Angel  shield

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