Program «Angel shield».

At the present moment, the need of mankind to protect against the multiply increased radiation of electromagnetic waves and energy-information components, which are harmful to people, has increased. It's time to streamline the wave structures, because not only people are affected by their influence, but nature itself, the entire surrounding world.

I present to your attention a unique invention - an enio-corrector,
with the energy-information program "Angel Shield"
The program is designed to protect the life, health and adaptation of people to the aggressively increasing impact of electromagnetic radiation. Accumulating in the body, invisible and inconsiderable electromagnetic radiation causes many different diseases, distortion of the person's life path.
Health, goodness and love to you!
Yours faithfully
Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine (traditional medicine) Bulychev V.V.






                                                                  Social reasons and consequences of Internet addiction

Digital technologies have penetrated into all spheres of human life in the late XX – early XXI century. New social relations are determined– relations via the Internet, which connected people around the globe, made communication easy, instant, opened new opportunities for the global community.

The Internet has allowed people to transfer and spread information without limitation, fulfill financial and banking transactions, despite distance and borders. According to the press release of the International telecommunication Union (ITU) from 22.07.2016 the number of Internet users in the world is 3.5 billion people. In the course of its development the Internet gradually cover an increasing number of people from different social groups and layers, gradually becoming one of the main channels of mass communication.

The Internet has become not just a technology but a unique innovation that has changed the world. The Internet is an opportunity to spend leisure time, to get a variety of information and the latest news from around the world, the tool of the work, the way to find a like-minded person in the most remote corner of the globe.

Response to the energo-informational protection program “SHIELD OF ANGEL” by author-developer Bulychev V.V.


In the modern world the negative impact of information and energy parasites affects the most sensitive systems of the human body: nervous system, immune system, endocrine and reproductive systems.

Bombing of energo-negative particles, electromagnetic and informational fields distorts the human biofield, which affects its life forces.

The life forces - are the cumulative effect of the various systems: electromagnetic, gravitational and other physical fields, chemical and biochemical structures, biological systems.

Impact of high intensity electromagnetic fields on the immune system is manifested on the cellular immune system, increases blood adrenaline, activates processes of blood coagulation. Prolonged contact with the electromagnetic field may cause to disease development, known as "radio wave sickness."

Eniocorrector with the energo-informational protection program:

·         protects people from the impact of electromagnetic radiation, originating from the electronic information devices that people use every day;

·         blocks attacks on the physiological functions of the body and a person's energy through the Internet;

·         blocks immersion of human consciousness into the virtual world without his will;

·         supports the immune system of the person responsible for the health and functional state of the body and mind;

·         eliminates the negative impact of extraterrestrial beings on psychological components of human consciousness;

·         activates the human energy centers that are responsible for emotional states;

·         eliminates the negative informational component located in the human energy field and in the close proximity to him (medium range - 30 m);

·         restores the polarity of the subtle bodies and the physical body organs;

·         strengthens life potential;

·         restores the human biofield;

·         activates the brain activity;

·         promotes the development of the intelligence;

·         eliminates the virtual dependency;

·         restores activity of functional systems, organs and life activity of the body;

·         helps to develop the divine knowledge, embodied in the person;

·         contributes to the prosperity in life;

·         cleanses the blood from the energy parasites;

·         protects the loved ones, located in close proximity to you;

·         charges the structure of water in accordance with your individual needs of the energy system;

·         protects against the negative effects of low-frequency beings;

·         helps to awaken the power of love of the Creator


Additional program value
.        The possibility of getting rid of the causes coming from the depths of centuries
.        Cleansing the subconscious of energy debris
.        The impossibility of introducing astral entities into the human's thin shells
.        Autonomous work of the program in any location

.        Search for one's own path, refusal to support imposed thoughts
.        The development of pure consciousness and subconsciousness
.        Removing development locks .       

.        The opportunity to enter new energy information levels, to understand the causes of problems in life
         Inexhaustible source of information
.        The ability to mana

         ge your lifeHelp and care for loved ones
        Understanding the nature of things
         Advancement on the spiritual ladder
         Conscious choice .       

         Elimination of energy information slag
         Building the true divine path
         The composition of the life program in accordance with the solution of spiritual problems in this incarnation
         Tuning to divine channels
         Understanding the causes of what is happening
         preservation of human life and health

Instructions for use

.Eniocorrector does not require special storage places. You can store it in a purse, wallet, pocket or in any other place convenient for you. You can store the Eniocorrector next to the computer or other energy information devices. The radius of impact of the program is quite large - from 30 meters. Its action will extend to those people who will be near you, i.e. in the coverage area of the program. It is not recommended to attach it to reading electronic devices, turnstiles, etc., since a memory chip may be broken, which in turn may lead to program failure. The operating period of the eniocorrector is more than 15 years with careful storage.We warn: the enio-corrector can be purchased only from the author-developer! Do not get fakes from people who are not related to the author of the program. Adjustment of the enio-corrector to your power system is made only by him. The Eniocorrector can not be transferred or given for temporary use, since the program will be configured only for you and for the energy systems of your relatives living with you. It is possible to purchase an enio-corrector as a gift.

It is not recommended: constantly wear an enio-corrector to people with mental illnesses, with metal implants in the joints and spine. Any metal is a conductor of energies for the "Angel Shield" program, which can lead to an exacerbation of the disease when the program is tuned to your power system.

Enioorrector is contraindicated in people with electro pacemakers.

Currently, there is a large number of anti-virus programs to protect the operating system of electronic information devices (computers, smartphones, etc.). I propose to take care of your own health and the health of children, relatives and close people - users of modern electronic information devices

It is not recommended to purchase an enio-corrector in people who are not related to the author of the program. And we can not be held accountable for a fake, acquired by someone who is not clear. Eniocorrector can not be transmitted, because it is configured only for you and your relatives living with you. You can give only once after purchasing from the manufacturer.

It is not recommended to carry an enio-corrector with people with mental illnesses, with articular implants and a spinal column in order to avoid strengthening the work of the enio-corrector. Any metal is a conductor of energies for the program "Shield of the Angel", which can lead to an exacerbation of the disease at the time of setting the program for you.The enio-corrector is contraindicated for people with an electrocardiostimulator because of the constant work of the program.


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