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I create digital energy information programs for protection against adverse effects on human and electronic media for their implementation. I write articles and books on this topic, paint a picture, allowing to know the spiritual worlds and being custodians of wisdom and charms of the universe.

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For several years I have been engaged in the study of the impact of electronic devices, computer virtual reality on human health and safe interaction with them. And now I want to introduce to you the result of my labor - the program of energy-protection.

Time flies forward, there is a development of the Internet, technology, digital transmission of information, increasing popularity of virtual worlds for different categories of users. Mankind has learned to penetrate into virtual reality by means of technologies derived from man-made parallel worlds. This humanity imposed dependence on the virtual world, supposedly confers the development of humanity. Indeed, a certain degree of interaction with the world contributes to the development of people who are able to interact with them as children of the Creator. Humanity has forgotten that the World Wide Web is home to quite a number of creatures with advanced thinking and some experiences in man-made worlds. Their features allow them to produce energy intake in humans, has the power of creation of life.

In modern science, common myth is that the physical body is only 7 subtle bodies. Science sometimes not supervise those who actually should be (a striking example of this - Darwin with the failed theory of human origins). In fact, a person 108 thin bodies, according to the ancient Indian treatise. And all of these energetic bodies comes from the constant exposure to different kinds of Larvae and entities of the negative layer of parallel worlds in which we are living at a time. Only the Creator bestowed upon the soul of man is opposed to the negative impact, as its task - to make a man happy, so that he could follow the path of the Creator. However, the soul has long ceased to cope with a constant stream of external influences, it is burdened with an excess of accumulated mistakes of the past that lead to the true, divine path. In this regard, humanity was given energy-protection that can withstand the virtual worlds, negatively affecting the mind and human health, and to protect people from electromagnetic radiation, in which we are forced to stay, if we use high-tech devices.

There will come a time when electronic devices will not be harmful to man. Already now it is possible to produce these products on an industrial scale, but unfortunately the ruling structures of our world are afraid of losing control over their finances and therefore does not allow the issuance of new advanced technologies, carrying the goodness of man.

This situation made it necessary to create a program that allows you to protect a person from negative influences from the outside.


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Practical psychologist Vladimir Bulychev.


Eniocorrector does not require special storage places. You can store it in a purse, wallet, pocket or in any other place convenient for you. You can store the Eniocorrector next to the computer or other energy information devices. The radius of impact of the program is quite large - from 30 meters. Its action will extend to those people who will be near you, i.e. in the coverage area of ​​the program. It is not recommended to attach it to reading electronic devices, turnstiles, etc., since a memory chip may be broken, which in turn may lead to program failure. The operating period of the eniocorrector is more than 15 years with careful storage.Warning: the eniocorrector can be purchased only from the author-developer! Do not get fakes from people who are not related to the author of the program. An anecorrector can not be transferred or given for temporary use, as the program will be configured only for you and for the energy systems of your relatives living with you. It is possible to purchase an eni-corrector as a gift.

It is not recommended: permanently wear an eniocorrector for people with mental illnesses, with metal implants in the joints and spine. Any metal is an energy conductor for the "Angel's Shield" program, which can lead to an exacerbation of the disease at the time of setting the program on your power system.
An anecorrector is contraindicated for people with pacemakers.
Currently, there are a large number of anti-virus programs to protect the operating system of electronic information devices (computers, smartphones, etc.). I suggest that you take care of your own health and health of children, relatives and close people - users of modern electronic information devices.The

It is not recommended to purchase an enikoecorrector from people who are not related to the author of the program. Only he will set up an eniocorrector. And we can not be responsible for the fake, the acquisition is not clear from anyone. An anecorrector can not be transmitted because it is configured only for you and your relatives living with you. You can gift one time after purchase from the manufacturer. We do not recommend buying an enequorector for people with negative thoughts to the world.

It is not recommended to wear an eneecorrector with people with mental illnesses, with joint implants and the spine, in order to avoid increasing the work of the eniocorrector. Any metal is an energy conductor for the "Angel's Shield" program, which can lead to an exacerbation of the disease at the time of setting the program to you.Contrainducated eniocorrector for people with pacemaker due to the continuous operation of the program.

It is not advisable to:buy an eno-corrector for people with negative thoughts in relation to the world,

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